Water Jacket

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water jacket

[′wȯd·ər ‚jak·ət]
A casing for circulation of cooling water.

Water Jacket


a cavity that surrounds the parts of machinery and equipment (internal-combustion engines, metallurgical furnaces, and so on) that are exposed to intense heat and that is designed to contain a circulating liquid coolant. To avoid clogging of the water jacket by hard-to-remove deposits, the water used for cooling is sometimes subjected to preliminary purification and softening.

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Patented spirally grooved water jacket in grinding chamber for high cooling efficiency.
In addition to use of glycerine to retard freezing, an amusing but quite necessary heater box was issued that clamped onto the water jacket.
The newly designed water jacket motor also produces less noise, which may alleviate health and safety concerns relating to noise on oil rigs.
Prodrive wanted to analyze and improve the fluid flow within the water jacket of Aston Martin Racing engines and were aiming to achieve reliable results in a short period of time.
He wanted to put a water jacket round the outside of the inlet manifold so that the air/petrol mixture would be heated by a few degrees before entering the cylinders.
We also purchased a wood cookstove on eBay which has a hot water jacket and we will be cooking and getting hot water at the same time via thermosyphon to the hot water heater, which will reduce our propane usage.
The first casting Weiss submitted for examination was a cylinder head that exhibited the telling trail of a gas defect evolving from one of its water jacket cores.
The R/S Plus rheometer features a smaller diameter spindle shaft, smaller size water jacket accessory and direct control of temperature from the keypad on P1 and P2 cone plate models.
Designs include enclosed tubular decks with water jacket, heater blanket, and metallic and nonmetallic wear liners.
A key feature of the Vanguard liquid cooled V-Twins is a 360-degree cooling water jacket which helps to efficiently cut oil and engine temperatures.