Water Yield

Water Yield


the ability of rocks saturated to their full moisture capacity to give up part of the water by free flow under the influence of gravity.

The water yield equals the difference between the absolute and the maximum molecular moisture capacity. The amount of gravity water (that is, the water able to move in interconnecting pores, cavities, and cracks under the influence of gravity) in liters that can be obtained from 1 cu m of rock is known as the specific water yield. The water yield of rocks is denoted by the water yield coefficient, expressed as a fraction or a percentage. Average water yield coefficients are 0.10-0.15 for sandy loam and fine sand, 0.25-0.35 for coarse sand, 0.02-0.03 for sandstones, and 0.008-0.10 for fissured limestones. The level of the water yield coefficient depends on the grain-size distribution and porosity of the rock, as well as on the viscosity of the water. Water yield is determined by laboratory techniques or calculated from observations of water flow, trial pumpings, and data on the utilization of ground water.


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Tenders are invited for hydrofacturing work in the tube well having low water yield
These results imply that the synergetic effect existed when the oil yield increased and water yield decreased, and varied with the changing mass percentage of coal in the mixture.
It's this unique ability driving New Logic's rapid growth in the field-increasing water yield through RO brine minimization," said New Logic CEO Greg Johnson.
A team of UC researchers is investigating how thinning forests could increase the water yield of the Sierra Nevada, which supplies about 60% of the surface water used by California's cities and farms.
Bay says his district plans on a water yield based upon what it would be after a five- or six-year extended drought.
The wastewater in the sump will be input into the floating tank with the lift pump, and it is used to adjust the water quantity and water yield.
But if the soil is sandy and dry, there just isn't going to be much in the way of water yield.
Conjunctive use coordinates management of surface water and groundwater supplies to maximize overall water yield.
UXBRIDGE - The Board of Selectmen will hold a special meeting Monday night to discuss the potential water yield from a privately owned 20-acre parcel of land near Rosenfeld well field, as well as the town's potential purchase of the property.
2] and water yield PAES foam with a larger reduction in foam density than [N.
A 100 ton capacity standing column well system with a 10% bleed rate would require a ground water yield of approximately 30 gallons per minute.

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