Water management systems

Water management systems

For any building to be considered “green,” water management issues should be managed using sustainable, ecological, and high-performance methods and approaches.


Adds landscaping and vegetation to treat stormwater runoff; bioretention systems are often called rain gardens.

composting toilets

Using little or no water, composting toilets are designed to convert human waste into compost via aerobic decomposition and can be installed anywhere. Composting toilets require that the solids be removed periodically, depending on the size of the unit.

graywater systems

Graywater is collected wastewater from domestic processes, such as bathing, washing dishes, or laundry, and reused for flushing toilets, watering landscapes, and irrigation. Graywater makes up three-quarters of domestic wastewater, and is different from “blackwater,” which is heavily polluted and has high levels of biological contaminants and toxic chemicals.


Reducing the amount of runoff water before it can cause flooding.


Collects and filters stormwater into an aquifer.

waterless urinals

Urinals that use cartridge inserts filled with a sealant liquid which collects and traps the urine without releasing the odor. The cartridge with sealant is replaced periodically.
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