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The chip provides a direct connection to ultrasonic transducers, and only requires the addition of a simple microcontroller to operate a water meters peripheral functions, such as a display and connectivity.
Now we learn Bord Gais questioned the need for water meters and there were no minutes for many of the meetings with Phil Hogan.
As part of its efforts to strengthen its presence in this fast-growing market, Arad recently acquired Mexico's leading water meter manufacturer Cicasa.
For a quick calculation on whether the water meter will save you money, the Consumer Council for Water has introduced a Water Meter Calculator to see if households can save money on their water bills.
Bernson also asked whether licensed plumbers who install second water meters could certify their proper installation, eliminating the need for a city inspection.
Smart water meter deployments are picking up pace in Europe and North America, and we are beginning to see stronger interest in AMI water meters in other regions, as well.
Manila Water also cautioned residential owners, business establishments and offices against meter-tampering adding that only representatives of the company are allowed to conduct repairs or replacement in case their water meters are no longer working or in need of repair.
The Republican Network for Unity said: "We took the decision to assume radical action against the installation of water meters after our party discovered water meters had been installed across Belfast and beyond.
Currently, the common mechanical water meters and smart water meters are commonly used in China.
Its V100 volumetric water meter is available in sizes from 15mm to 40mm, and provides "optimum accuracy and performance" in accordance with international ISO 4064 standards.
com/research/x73mzd/global_smart_water) has announced the addition of the "Global Smart Water Meters Market 2011-2015" report to their offering.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 5/8 x 3/4 Inch Positive Displacement Water Meters Magnetically Driven