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drinking-water cooler

A factory-made assembly containing a small refrigeration system and having the primary functions of cooling potable water and dispensing such water.
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He answered an advert in the ECHO for a watercooler company delivery driver.
Deliveries to clients further afield are made on their behalf by other watercooler companies.
People are buying into the concept of a more healthy life style and having a watercooler.
AMBITION: To keep growing at the same rate and be the North West's leading watercooler company.
Many customers find that a mix of the two, depending on usage and watercooler location, better suits their requirements.
By acquiring these three businesses simultaneously we have created a national player in the fast growing office watercooler market which we believe is well placed for continued success.
The watercooler market has grown strongly on the back of the health conscious trend to increased water consumption.
Recently, this has prompted some manufacturers, including Halsey Taylor, to secure full ANSI/NSF 61 certification for all of their watercoolers and drinking fountains.
Because of this, offering watercoolers and drinking fountains that meet all the requirements of ANSI/NSF 61 has become very important.
Al Huneycutt is vice president of marketing and sales at Oak Brook, IL-based Halsey Taylor, a leading manufacturer of watercoolers and drinking fountains.
Meanwhile, a Warwickshire watercooler rental company has been sold to a national rival in a deal thought to be worth pounds 500,000.
The deal makes the watercooler arm of Chiltern, which has a turnover of pounds 2.