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(naval architecture)
The intersection of the surface of the water with the side of a ship.
A line painted on the hull of a ship showing the level of the water when the ship is properly trimmed.



(also shoreline), the line of contact between the water surface of a body of water—such as a lake, river, or sea—and a dry land surface, or shore. The height and shape of a waterline vary owing to fluctuations in the level and changes in the nature of the shore that result from erosion, abrasion, or human activity.


Inside a cistern, the highest water level to which the ball valve should be adjusted to shut off.

waterline (WL)

waterline (WL)
A system of aircraft location designation. The water line is the measurement of height in inches perpendicular from a horizontal plane located a fixed number of inches below the bottom of the aircraft fuselage.
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Project 3: Horizontal directional drilling/boring and waterline design from Palmer Vista - - Drive to Moss Springs Cove.
In 1993, the CDC recommended that dental waterlines be flushed at the beginning of the clinic day to reduce the microbial load.
The liquid extract, used in conjunction with the filtration system, is a non-toxic aqueous cleaner derived from natural citrus botanicals and has the ability to remove most organic and inorganic contaminants from waterlines including films, particulates and oxidation products.
The Consultant Engineer is expected to evaluate and report the projected demand, and to size the replacement waterline accordingly, including Colorado Professional Engineer stamped plans
When instruments must be handscrubbed, is a long-handled brush used and is scrubbing performed below the waterline to minimize splashing?
The Centers for Disease Control has found levels of microbial contamination in dental waterlines as high as 50 million bacteria per teaspoonful.
Tenders are invited for Pleasant Run Road Waterline Improvements Phase I
All incidental items required for completely functioning waterlines shall be included.
The health concerns posed by contaminated dental waterlines are well documented and could potentially prove harmful to patients," said Dave Blazo, a registered pharmacist and Vice President of Marketing for Pall Medical Critical Care.
Crosstex president and chief executive officer Gary Steinberg said, Dental unit waterline disinfection is one of the fastest growing segments in the infection control category in the dental industry.
Karpay DDS, MPH and Chairman of the American Dental Association ("ADA") subcommittee on air and water lines will conduct approximately four months of research to evaluate the disinfection effectiveness of Axenohl(TM) for dental unit waterlines.
Target markets include; hospital water systems, POU / POE commercial, municipal, and residential drinking water, FDA compliant consumer products, pools and spas, cisterns / wells, dental unit waterlines, veterinary, horticulture, and food processing applications.