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(mechanical engineering)
A vertical wheel on a horizontal shaft that is made to revolve by the action or weight of water on or in containers attached to the rim.



the simplest hydraulic engine, driven by the power of flowing water. The waterwheel has been used since the most ancient times in the irrigation systems of Egypt, India, China, and other countries, and later for driving water mills, machinery, and devices used in small-scale production. Its major shortcomings are low power, low frequency of rotation, inefficiency, and bulkiness.

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And so, the farmers of Swabi still relive the age-old cultural tradition of waterwheels, having converted their operation into something of a competitive race.
We also use the waterwheel and dynamo to support outreach to schools as part of the Stem programme," adds Coverdale.
In an overshot waterwheel the mill race brings the water to the top of the wheel, where it strikes the paddles and turns the wheel.
There were several major waterwheel designs, as well as the water-turbine, to choose from.
Coyne shares his enthusiasms with the reader, one of which is the waterwheel, the 'queen of mining power resources'.
What makes Gelli Newydd such a special place is not just the fantastic panoramic view it offers, but also the fact that it boasts a beautiful working overshot waterwheel.
The Mantra of Efficiency: From Waterwheel to Social Control, by Jennifer Karns Alexander.
Standouts include the opening track Waterwheel, the title track Sangria, Debajo de La Lluvia, and Tenth Journey.
3 : one of the broad boards at the outer edge of a waterwheel or a paddle wheel
The Waterwheel Restaurant is an airy new venture in Selkirk.
Around since the days of William the Conqueror, the recently renovated Washford Mill's claim to fame is the waterwheel that makes a splash in the middle of the pub.
According to the Mishna, a sophisticated mechanical waterwheel drew the water.