Wave Vector

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wave vector

[′wāv ‚vek·tər]
A vector whose direction is the direction of phase propagation of a wave at each point in space, and whose magnitude is sometimes set at 2π/λ and sometimes at 1/λ, where λ is the wavelength.

Wave Vector


the vector k, whose direction coincides with the direction of propagation of a traveling wave; it is numerically equal to the wave number.

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i]; are the wavevector of the scattered and the incident photon, and q the wavevector of the acoustic phonon (Fig.
In the indirect PWE, one formulate wavevector components of light to be eigenvalues for a given frequency.
The wavevector of the electromagnetic field can be tuned to that of the vibration, be it a phonon or the oscillating mode of a macroscopic object, enhancing selectivity and strength of the interaction.
The curve between normalized frequencies and Bloch wavevector K (called dispersion curve) is shown in Fig.
This concurs with Schrodinger solutions showing a negative energy increase with barrier length, [DELTA]d, while the imaginary eigen-value of the wavevector [kappa] is constant, independent of barrier length (the Hartman effect)).
However, the development of light-scattering and neutron-scattering techniques showed not only that such relaxation times could be measured with accurateness, but that they were dependent on the wavevector in such a way that nonlocal effects should be taken into consideration.
i] = (w/c , k), w is the frequency, k is the wavevector and [PHI] is called the eikonal.
The innovation with respect to standard geometric optics is in the replacement of s with a more general, complex eikonal function [psi] = s + i[phi], where the imaginary wavevector is perpendicular to the group velocity.
rho]], which is the variable of integration, is the horizontal projection of the wavevector of an elementary plane wave composing the dipole radiation.
which has a wavevector, wavelength and angular frequency given by: