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wax figures,

sculptures usually made of beeswax or tallow, which is susceptible to modeling, casting, and coloring. The Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used wax to make sacred images or death masks. Wax has been employed in the cire perduecire perdue
[Fr.,=lost wax], sculptural process of metal casting that may be used for hollow and solid casting. The sculptor makes a model in plaster or clay that is then coated with wax. This model is then covered with a perforated plaster or clay mold.
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 casting process for sculpture; it is also used in the preparatory stages by sculptors as a sketch or model for the finished work. Polychrome wax portraits were popular in Europe throughout the 18th cent. In the 19th cent., wax dolls came into fashion, and exhibits of wax figures, often portraits of notorious people, were popular. Among such collections Mme Tussaud's, London, and the Musée Grévin, Paris, are famous.


See F. Eliscu, Direct Wax Sculpture (1969); R. McDermott Miller, Figure Sculpture in Wax and Plaster (1971, repr. 1987).

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The bronzes included in this exhibition, like those widely distributed throughout the world, are posthumous, second-generation casts of the original wax sculptures by Degas.
Little remains of wax sculptures from before the eighteenth century, but they were made as votive offerings, especially in gratitude.
Moving from Benodebehari's early paintings with watercolour, ink, and tempera on silk, wood, and paper; (large-scale digital reproductions of) his murals at Santiniketan on the Visva-Bharati campus and at Banasthali Vidyapith in Rajasthan; to drawings and woodcuts on handmade paper in Nepal and experiments with block-printed textiles begun in Najibabad, the exhibition concludes with paper-cut collages and wax sculpture executed after the artist's loss of optical vision.
The 8in-long clay and wax sculpture of an orphaned rhino, seen by sculptor Steve Winterburn on a recent trip to Africa, raised pounds 3,600 in an auction at Christie's in London.
The issue of clothing and the question of sculptural development in space brings me to the issue of what Kendall has been known to refer to as "the damned tutu" Briefly, no one knows precisely what the skirt or the ribbon that Degas added to his original wax sculpture looked like.
Similarly, a late 18th century wax sculpture by Andre-Pierre Pinson shows a seated nude in a classical defensive pose and with strategically placed drapery, despite the fact that her entire chest and abdomen has been opened up to our gaze.
The CAB officials revealed that there will be Tendulkar to receive Tendulkar at the Eden Gardens as a life size wax sculpture has been placed before the Indian dressing room.
native iona rozeal brown's Sacrifice #2: It Has to Last (after Yoshitoshi's "Drowsy: the appearance of a harlot of the Meiji era"), 2007, Leonardo Drew's massive cotton and wax sculpture Untitled #25, 1992, several of Nick Cave's exuberant Soundsuits, (2006-2008), and Mickalene Thomas's Baby I Am Ready Now, 2007.
At Etemad Gallery, a former furniture warehouse in Al-Quoz, a beige wax sculpture of a human torso riddled with bullets and shells stands in the shadows.
The process involved working at speed to knead quick-cooling wax into its final form before it hardened, then using the wax sculpture as a mould for the molten bronze.
on two color photographs of an eighteenth-century wax sculpture featuring a woman with a tear running down her face.