Wayne State University

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Wayne State University,

at Detroit, Mich.; state supported; coeducational; established 1956 as a successor to Wayne Univ. (formed 1934 by a merger of five city colleges). The university includes programs in liberal arts, education, engineering, medicine, nursing, business, and law; it also maintains a graduate school and an extensive adult education division.
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The second set featured an inspired interpretation of the convoluted "Joy Road," a poem by former poet laureate Philip Levine, a classmate of Adams at Detroit's Wayne University.
Then, in the study, researchers at Wayne University in Michigan, America, ranked players according to their smiles and laughter lines, spanning from none at all, to partial and then those with a full blown toothy grin and crinkled eyes.
They'll play the winner of a game Wednesday between Taylor-Fort Wayne University (Ind.
NGN: When you entered Wayne University (now named Wayne State University), you were pre-law.
Glenford Shibley of Roseville received the first $1,000 Harvey Campbell Scholarship in Business Communications at Wayne University (now Wayne State University) in 1951 from Harvey Campbell, the Board's executive vice president.
Verway, Wayne University, Department of Information Systems and Manufacturing, Detroit, MI 48202
He has also enjoyed a long law career in New York City, since earning his law degree from Wayne University in 1949.
JANE BETSEY WELLING Associate Professor of Art Wayne University Detroit
After World War II he transferred to Wayne University in Detroit as an Associate Professor before accepting his appointment at the University of Connecticut as department head and full professor.
Born in Detroit, Levine was educated at Wayne University and the University of Iowa.

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