Washington State University

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Washington State University,

at Pullman; land-grant and state supported; chartered 1890, opened 1892 as an agriculture college. From 1905 to 1959 it was the State College of Washington. The university's College of Agriculture carries on important agricultural research and instruction throughout the state. The school's other facilities include centers for electron microscopy and environmental research.
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As part of the agreement, Wazzu will install a customized version of SBN's directory at its website, giving visitors to the site immediate access to the more than 50 million business listings that are included in the directory, Edwards stated.
This arrangement will provide Volt, or the joint venture to be established, with exclusive rights to the PHON-NET SEARCH ENGINE WITH DIRECT CONNECT for use in connection with United States business database directories (except the Wazzu limited distribution agreement).
Wazzu develops and markets a "no assembly required online store" with products and services that allow small businesses to become Internet-enabled, including website creation, maintenance and hosting, e-commerce and e-mail.
Also honored was Garison Draper, 18, a Wazzu computer scientist and graduating senior at Irvine High School in Irvine, Calif.
Wazzu Corporation of Fountain Valley and Interval Inc.
They have a wazzu range of online services featuring Online Banking and Online Bill Payment that save time and provide convenience for consumers.
Breazell was hurt when he was drilled by Wazzu free safety Xavier Hicks Jr.
Price is gone at Wazzu, and most Ducks kind of liked him anyway.
While other macro viruses, like Concept and Wazzu, are nuisance viruses that move around or add data in documents, Tedious deletes the C: drive system files and its sub-directories.
Wazzu tailback Dwight Tardy was averaging 66yards per game, and finished with a career-high 214 on a career-best 37 attempts.
The way Wazzu is going right now, we can definitely spoil their whole thing.