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water closet, W.C.

water closet flush tank
1. A plumbing fixture used to receive human excrement and to discharge it through a waste pipe, using water as a conveying medium.
2. A room containing a water closet, 1.


Abbr. for Water closet.
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This could provide useful information in exploring on gender and family as socially construct agent for WCE in Malaysia.
BABL/c mice (n = 4/group) were orally administrated with 100 mg/kg of WCE (11/2012) or combination (formula) containing the equivalent doses of wedelolactone, luteolin, and apigenin to those found in WCE.
At WCES, Philips Home Services also demonstrated for the first time its new advanced screen phone, the Internet-enabled, ADSI-based P200.
joined the ranks of PC vendors offering the latest in Pentium Technology for the retail channel, introducing at WCES new multimedia desktop machines with 150 megahertz and 160 megahertz processors.
LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER - 2004 WCES -- Fresh on the heels of being selected by Mazda North America to develop and manufacture remote engine start systems for various 2004 and 2005 vehicle platforms, Code Systems has been awarded a remote start program by the Mopar, a division of DaimlerChrysler Corporation.
The company said last week at WCES that it has begun selling the new retail model 636 as well as its popular basic model 232 in Sears Brand Central departments throughout the United States.
LAS VEGAS CONVENTION CENTER -- 2004 WCES Audiovox-Code Alarm Booth 8304 Jensen-Rampage Booth 1425 Audiovox Electronics Corporation, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Audiovox Corp.
at WCES, including a two-line Caller ID unit and a Caller ID/ Call Waiting unit.
LAS VEGAS - At WCES Southwestern Bell Freedom Phone presented a number of new telecommunications products, including several stand-alone 25-channel telephones and cordless phones integrated with all-digital answering machines.
LAS VEGAS--Colonial Data Technologies, a leading Caller ID company, will make a big splash at WCES this week when it exhibits on the show floor for the first time.
The wannabees and the small niche players have to be in the spotlight, which only the convention floor of a WCES or a Comdex can provide for them.