embedded Web server

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embedded Web server

Web server software that is built into hardware. Almost all network devices have embedded Web servers (HTTP servers), which provide a control panel for configuring the device. The primary advantage is that hardware vendors only have to write one program based on Internet standards, and their control panel utility is accessible from any Web browser on any hardware platform.

An embedded Web server is like a mini website, except that it is not on the Web. However, some Web servers may be accessed remotely via the Internet. See ETI and Web server.

A Mini Website in the Printer
This home page came from the HTTP server built into the laser printer, not from the Web. The is the IP address of the printer on the local network. See IP address.

In an External Print Server
HTTP server software is built into this external network print server, which plugs into the printer's parallel port.

A Website in Your Washing Machine
This washing machine has a Wi-Fi connection for reporting problems to the vendor, and settings are configured and displayed via a Web browser.
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Enrollment, scheduling and control of the new dimmers are facilitated via the new web-based utility at http://lcs.
An app developer has claimed instant messaging tool WhatApp's privacy structure is "broken by design", saying he can track a number of data points through a Web-based utility named WhatsSpy Public.
Web-based utility that easily creates and prints customized price tags for La-Z-Boy Furniture Gallery stores.
The firm also offers People™ - WPS Gateway, a web-based utility to help employer, bank of employer and agent to auto communicate with the UAE Central Bank WPS system and in between each other.
People also offers People - WPS Gateway, a web-based utility to help employer, bank of employer and agent to auto communicate with the UAE Central Bank WPS system and in between each other.
The utiliVisor solution for the building involves design of an expandable, web-based utility grade submetering system that monitors tenant space and energy consumption remotely.
The program is a Web-based utility, so data can be uploaded and maps viewed from any PC with Web access.
The Invoice Processing Services also include Web-based utility invoice reporting, including consumption reports that present data from different communities converted into the same units of measure.
All aspects of Ensemble systems management and monitoring are provided via a single web-based utility, which gives Royal Marsden staff control over the management of the integration environment, including real-time monitoring of all messaging activity, the company said.
Medicare CFO is a Web-based utility of Companion Technologies' Enterprise CDI software that enables automated tracking and statistical reporting of Medicare Part A claims from any computer that has an Internet connection.
Monthly programs will not help manage peak usage but will allow the users to compare consumption and cost between time periods, and enable portfolio owners to compare two facilities or groups of facilities," said Jay Oschrin, president, Diversified Intelligence, an engineering firm and software developer of a Web-based utility tracking tool for electricity and water consumption.
com) launched yesterday (20 October) its web-based utility computing system to the UK SME market.

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