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a camera that transmits still or moving images over the internet


(World-Wide Web, hardware, video)
(World-Wide Web camera) Any video camera whose output is available for viewing via the Internet or an intranet. Typically a webcam would be a slow-scan CCD video camera connected to a video capture card in a computer. Images from the camera are captured periodically and made available on a web page. In 1999 there are hundreds of webcams in operation around the world showing everything from bedrooms to traffic.


(WEB CAMera) A front-facing video camera that attaches to a computer typically via USB or that is built into a laptop or desktop screen. It is widely used for Skype and other video calling software as well as to continuously monitor an activity and send it to a Web server for public or private viewing. Webcams purchased as separate peripherals generally have a microphone built into the unit, or an external mike comes in the package.

Webcams Vs. Network Cameras
A Webcam attaches to, or is built into, the computer, whereas a "network camera" is a stand-alone unit that connects to an Ethernet network. While the Webcam is commonly used for videophoning with another user, network cameras are used to monitor locations such as stores and offices (see network camera). See Webcamming, Webcam blocker, lifecasting and spycam.
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Planned Parenthood of the Heartland (PPH), Planned Parenthood's large regional affiliate centered in Iowa, was one of the testing grounds for RU-486, and then later was in the forefront in utilizing web-cams to facilitate abortions using the abortion pill.
And, as you would expect, there are plenty of web-cams on the market to suit all budgets and needs.
But pro-life Nebraskans are not waiting until web-cam abortions are practiced in their state.
Rich in features, the Cool-iCam G4 is the only camera you need to take still images, record audio and video clips and serve as a web-cam.
The site also will include a live web-cam allowing visitors to view the DC Central Kitchen in action.

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