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(operating system)
Apple Computer, Inc.'s application server framework for developing dynamic web applications.

WebObjects applications accept HTTP requests either directly (usually on a specific port) or via an adaptor that sits between them and the web server. Adaptors are either CGI programs or web server plug-ins (NSAPI or ISAPI).

The server processes special tags in HTML pages to produce dynamic but standard HTML. Tools are provided to easily set and get object properties and invoke methods from these tags. Applications can maintain state over multiple HTTP request-response transactions (which are intrinsically stateless). Applications can also use Apple's Enterprise Object Framework object relational mapping libraries for object persistence and database access.

WebObjects was originally based on Objective C and a simple scripting language but now is more likely to be used with Java. Versions are available for OS X, Windows and Unix.

Apple acquired WebObjects from NeXT, along with Steve Jobs.

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Sybase also announced ASE will provide support for Apple's WebObjects, allowing application developers using Apple's WebObjects full support from ASE's rich feature set.
De igual forma, anuncio la disponibilidad del servidor WebObjects 5, basado en Java, para desarrollar operaciones en Internet y aplicaciones empresariales.
Developed under the Apple WebObjects 4 platform for optimum scalability and platform independence, ArticleBASE can run on Windows NT, Sun Solaris, and Mac OS X Server operating systems and supports industry-standard databases including Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, and Informix.
Other attractions will include technical tracks on Mac OS X, Java, QuickTime, AppleScript, WebObjects, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) and FireWire.
announced Next's new WebObjects suite of software products at the WebMania event in San Francisco on Tuesday.
Serlet previously spent eight years with NeXT contributing to NeXTSTEP, OpenStep and WebObjects, and four years as a researcher at Xerox PARC.