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Web application

An application in which all or some parts of the software are downloaded from the Web each time it is run. It may refer to apps that run within the user's Web browser, to "rich client" desktop apps that do not use a browser or to mobile apps that access the Web for additional information. Following are explanations of each type.

Browser Based
In a browser-based Web application, JavaScript instructions are contained within the Web page that is retrieved from a website. Combined with the HTML code that determines the visual layout and the CSS style sheet, the HTML, JavaScript and CSS are executed via the browser. In addition, processing at the server side is often widely performed to access databases and other networks. The data for a Web application may be stored locally or on the Web, or in both locations.

Client Based
Web applications may also run without the browser. A client program, which is either installed in the user's computer or mobile device or is downloaded each session, interacts with a server on the Web using standard Web protocols. This is similar to the "client/server" architecture that prevailed in companies before the Internet exploded, except that today the server is often on the Internet rather than the local network. Just like browser-based applications, the data may be stored remotely or locally. See rich client, cloud computing, ASP and SaaS.

Mobile Web App
Countless mobile apps use the Web for additional information. For example, the iOS and Android versions of this encyclopedia install all the text locally in the device but retrieve all the images from a server via Web (HTTP) protocols. See native mobile app and native application.
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On Android devices, the webapp uses augmented reality technology to draw a clear blue line in the imagery imagery the phone camera sees, pointing users towards the Kaaba without saving any pictures or imagery.
On Android devices, the webapp uses augmented reality technology to draw a clear blue line in the imagery the phone camera sees, pointing users towards the Kaaba without saving any pictures or imagery.
A supermarket or department store usually hire manpower agencies," Dela Cruz said, adding that with the LogBox, all the supermarket's employees could swipe in the same LogBox but the manpower agency could only view their employees in their instance of the WebApp.
believes the innovative approach of Junos WebApp Secure to identify and track
be webapp to virtually any phone, from feature phones to the latest smartphones so that we may effectively reach our entire mobile audience.
Organised by FCIB and sponsored by distinguished businesses such as Aon Trade Commercial Insurance and WebApp Technology, the conference's select line-up of finance and credit experts will address current challenges, trends and opportunities, giving companies across all industries the "coping mechanisms" to effectively deal with the challenges and risks involved in today's global business.
The new release is understood to offer 37 new features and enhancements, including: new ResourceHelper API for enhanced resource resolution among components; new PojoTask for simpler Dependency Injection and better integration with Spring; new Maven archetype for creating a webapp project that uses Cernunnos; support for automated definition of Servlets and Portlets; support for running Cernunnos operations from the ${CRN_HOME}/bin directory; enhancements to exception feedback and troubleshooting; enhancements to the manual; as well as improvements to Maven build and dependency configuration.
A webapp is a piece of software that works on a remote computer; you control it via your web browser, over an internet connection.
Developers who rely on Pervasive for their back-end data management will be able to migrate their VisualDataFlex, DataFlex and WebApp Server applications forward immediately upon release of Pervasive.
Data Access Worldwide has introduced WebApp Server, an application server product suite for delivering dynamic, web- enabled database applications using Windows NT.
WebApp Technology Allows Internet Explorer 8, 7, 6, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Chrome to Run Simultaneously on Any Version of Windows, Directly from the Web
This webapp uses the same technology used by FR24, but coverage is somewhat limited in some parts of the globe.