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(World-Wide Web)
(Sometimes "webmistress") The alias or role of the person(s) responsible for the development and maintenance of one or more web servers and/or some or all of the web pages at a website. The term does not imply any particular level of skill or mastery (see "webmonkey").

The webmaster's e-mail address often appears on the home page of the site. Failing that, you could try sending e-mail to postmaster (from which the term is probably derived) or root at that host, possibly after removing an initial "www.".


A person responsible for the implementation and maintenance of a website. Webmasters are generally proficient in HTML as well as one or more scripting and interface languages such as JavaScript and Perl. They may also have experience with more than one type of Web server.

Although Web designers typically create the page layouts, Webmasters may also be responsible for some or all of the design. See Web designer and Webmistress.

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Partnering with Real Estate Webmasters further cements DocuSign's leadership as the platform of choice for transaction management in Real Estate," said Georg Gerstenfeld, VP and General Manager of Global Real Estate Solutions, DocuSign.
This latest Google initiative builds on its efforts over the years to proactively detect malware on sites it indexes and alert both users of its search engine and affected webmasters.
Webmasters do not need a Google account to generate and submit sitemaps but if they do sign up they can log in to check the status of their sitemaps and view diagnostic information for their submissions, Google said.
They disallow gonzo designers in disparate departments from changing design elements--keeping crucial information off limits to all but a webmaster.
Prospective candidates and members may have many questions as it relates to the website, the Webmaster role, the selection process and the strategic direction of the website.
The webmaster list attracted 113 members from at least 24 states in its first week.
Likewise, although professional guilds and societies are emerging, there is not yet a recognized professional certification program that allows qualified webmasters to place a convenient set of initials (the equivalent of CAE, for instance) after their names.
Harrison says Webmasters need ``computer savvy and knowledge of Web sites, layout, design, editing, copy writing, audience development, marketing and merchandising.
com Declares April 29 Webmaster Holiday & Offers Customized Online Tributes
Real Estate Webmasters is the largest 'custom' vendor for website designs and software in the real estate industry," said Morgan Carey, CEO of Real Estate Webmasters.
Didit's Lee said that meshing the data from the two applications will make life easier for webmasters.
Compensation for Webmasters varies as widely as job responsibilities.