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Superior Performance Awards were presented to Michael Groomer, Chief of Interpretation, Fort Smith National Historic Site, for his organizational skills, attention to detail, and assistance with employee training; Laura Henning, Chief of Interpretation, Canaveral National Seashore, for her excellent communication skills, and assistance with the expansion of the store's product line; Linda Cook, Superintendent, Weir Farm National Historic Site, for her assistance in locating and facilitating new products that enhance visitors experiences; and George Price, Superintendent, Cape Cod National Seashore, for his assistance and support during the transition of the Highland Lighthouse to EN.
Today, this serene pastoral setting in southeastern Connecticut, an hour's drive from Manhattan, is home to the only park unit devoted to American painting--the 60-acre Weir Farm National Historic Site.
THE two most enjoyable bits of the art trail for me were a morning spent at Weir Farm national park, in Wilton, which American artist J Alden Weir traded a still life for in 1882 and then spent four decades painting.
Later, he went to Weir Farm, Montbridge, within the Severn Vyrnwy area, where owner Ms Joanna Stephens discussed her existing conservation schemes and plans for organic grass production and whole-farm stewardship.
Weir Farm Trust - $10,000 for continued restoration efforts in the Park
Indulge your artistic side at Weir Farm National Historic Site (Connecticut).
Bowers spent much of October working on wooden artifacts in the main house at Weir Farm National Historic Site in Connecticut, a site that commemorates J.
Welling is the Founding Board President of the Donaldson Adoption Institute, Board President of Spence-Chapin Services, Vice Chairman of the Adirondack Foundation, and a trustee on the Board of the Weir Farm Art Center.
Connecticut: Weir Farm NHS (Wilton) Contact: Edie Shean-Hammond 215-597-0865
Weir Farm in Connecticut, a third example and the only site in the park system dedicated to American painting, has the beginnings of a collection by Julian Alden Weir, one of the originators of American Impressionism.
Among Unilever's commitments to New York area National Parks are: -- Weir Farm National Historic Site, Connecticut: Unilever became inaugural donor to build an Artist-in-Residence center at Weir Farm with a $50,000 discretionary grant.
Encroaching development win pose a threat to Weir Farm National Historic Site in Connecticut unless Congress approves legislation to expand the park.