see GuelphsGuelphs
, European dynasty tracing its descent from the Swabian count Guelph or Welf (9th cent.), whose daughter Judith married the Frankish emperor Louis I. Guelph III (d. 1055) was made (1047) duke of Carinthia and margrave of Verona.
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History is represented by seven contributions: on the Welfs and their Braunschweig court, on the Welfs and the Hohenstaufen empire, on the court of Henry the Lion, on Welf memoria as dynastic legitimization, on the offices of the Welf court, on the historiography it encouraged, and on the fall of Henry the Lion, as depicted by Arnold von Lubeck.
For them, if not for Steer, the tide of this book is not meant to confine the Welfs to Braunschweig, but to place this court profitably in a much wider framework.
Nevertheless, as Dunninger shows, we cannot infer from Visio Godeschalchi whether it was Gottschalk, the simple 'Bauer', or his confessor at Neumunster, who wrote down his vision, who was opposed to Henry the Lion and the Welfs.