Welsh corgi

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Welsh corgi:

see Cardigan Welsh corgiCardigan Welsh corgi,
breed of short, long-bodied working dog believed to have been introduced into Wales from Central Europe c.1200 B.C. It stands about 12 in. (30.5 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 15 to 25 lb (6.8–11.3 kg).
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; Pembroke Welsh corgiPembroke Welsh corgi,
breed of short-legged, hardy working dog thought to have been introduced into South Wales by Flemish immigrants in the early 12th cent. It stands from 10 to 12 in. (25.4–30.5 cm) high at the shoulder and weighs from 18 to 24 lb (8.2–10.9 kg).
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Tawny was one of 13 Pembroke Welsh corgis to participate in the famous dog show, held Feb.
Leading Cardigan Welsh Corgi owner Fran Fricker, of Traveller's Rest, near Carmarthen, yesterday described the situation as 'serious'.
Entering San Francisco's top 10 last year were the Pembroke Welsh Corgi (up 10 places to tie for fifth), Bernese Mountain Dog (up three places to tie for ninth) and Dachshund (up five places to tie for ninth).
Louis dog fancy: Barnstable Norwich Terrier and Norfolk Terrier breeder Sandra Stemmler, Broughcastl Pug breeder Doug Huffman, and Gaylord Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Norwich Terrier breeder David Guempel.
The Queen's love of her Welsh Corgis dates from the time, in the 1930s, when her father King George brought some home, royal folklore holds.
At present the Queen owns three Pembroke Welsh corgis called Monty, Willow and Holly, who are all descended from Susan.
The plummet in puppy numbers has led to the Kennel Club placing the Sealyham on their Vulnerable Native Breed list alongside Welsh corgis, Dandie Dinmont terriers and Otterhounds.
A large drove would have involved 400 head of cattle usually tended by eight drovers, six to eight dogs - Welsh corgis and collies - and ponies.
In her rare spare time, Felix enjoys world travel, discovering new cuisines, playing golf, and hanging out with her two Welsh Corgis.
A longtime volunteer at All Saints Episcopal Church, she is enjoying retirement with her Welsh Corgis, Duke and Misty.
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