Welsh pony

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Welsh pony,

breed of small horsehorse,
hoofed, herbivorous mammal now represented by a single extant genus, Equus. The term horse commonly refers only to the domestic Equus caballus and to the wild Przewalski's horse.
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 of European origin. First bred primarily in Saxony, it later became localized in Wales. Although the breed is of ancient type, it presently bears traces of the Arabian horseArabian horse,
breed of light horse developed in Mesopotamia and N Africa, and probably the first true domesticated breed. Prized since earliest times for its superior beauty, spirit, speed, grace of movement, stamina, and intelligence, the Arabian has served as parental stock
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 and shows influences of the Thoroughbred horseThoroughbred horse,
breed of light horse more properly known as the English running horse. As its name implies, it was the first pedigreed, or "thoroughbred" horse. It originated in England from crosses between imported Turkish and Arabian horses and existing English lines and
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. It is a popular children's pony and has been used extensively for light labor, especially in the harness, having trotting tendencies similar to those of the Standardbred horseStandardbred horse
or trotter,
American breed of light horse developed especially for harness, or sulky, racing. Of Thoroughbred ancestry, it is similar in appearance to a thoroughbred but has shorter legs.
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. The Welsh pony is taller than the Shetland ponyShetland pony,
smallest breed of horse, originating in the Shetland Islands some 200 mi (322 km) N of Scotland. The Shetland resembles a miniature draft horse and has long been used for working purposes.
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, averaging just over 12 hands (48 in./120 cm). It is usually of solid color, with grays, whites, and chestnuts predominating.
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DREAMING There was an outstanding result for Gill and Tom Farrow's fivemonth-old foal Waitwith Golden Dream at North Eastern Counties Welsh Pony and Cob Association Foal Show.
Huw Roberts, chairman of Gwynedd Welsh Pony and Cob Breeders Association, said the extra costs would hit those with low value ponies.
Film star Catherine, 32, was offered pony Highland Jinks for her 19-month-old son by The Welsh Pony and Cob Society.
But as traffic declined Welsh Pony was abandoned and has not steamed for 75 years.
Tawelfan the Enforcer, a nine-year-old section D stallion, swept to overall victory at Anglesey showground, having already claimed the champion's sash at Clwyd Welsh Pony & Cob Society's stallion show last month.
At Richmond she said: "I'm delighted the filly has won a Welsh Pony and Cob Bronze Medal.
The star stopped off to meet the sevenyear-old Welsh Mountain pony named Highland Jinks, which was especially selected by the Welsh Pony and Cob Society as a gift for 20-month-old Dylan.
Prize-winning Highland Jinks is a gift from the Welsh Pony and Cob Society which normally only gives ponies away to royalty.
Welsh Pony (Cob type), Section C: Calvert Williams.
Last winter Welsh Pony was the subject of a cosmetic restoration to enable it to take part on the celebrations of 150 years of steam on the FR alongside its sisters Princess, Prince and Palmerston.
Some 200 entries were taken on the gate for Gwynedd Welsh Pony & Cob Breeders Association's third Easter Show.
TWO Welsh Section A foals by the same sire, Penwisg Pip from Gill and Tom Farrow's Waitwith Bank Stud, near Ripon, dominated Welsh classes at the North Eastern Counties Welsh Pony & Cob Association Foal/Youngstock Medal Show held indoors at Richmond Equestrian Centre.

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