Welsh language

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Welsh language,

member of the Brythonic group of the Celtic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. See Celtic languagesCeltic languages,
subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages. At one time, during the Hellenistic period, Celtic speech extended all the way from Britain and the Iberian Peninsula in the west across Europe to Asia Minor in the east, where a district still known as
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SIR - I have enjoyed watching the programmes on BBC2 Wales following rural Welsh-speaking life on the Llyn peninsula in north Wales.
Or perhaps it is only bordering-onthe-racist when we ask that people serving Welsh-speaking communities be able to speak Welsh?
The university plans to move the students out of the halls and into new accommodation at Penglais Farm, but the Welsh-language students' union claims the new halls would harm the Welsh-speaking student community.
Every year Welsh-speaking Wales is suffering a net loss of some 3,000 people from its heartlands.
Does he really think, at a time of mass unemployment and cuts, that non Welsh-speaking people care about the obsession of a few to make Wales bilingual.
It may be of further interest that my mother's family were predominantly Welsh-speaking--and singing--in a Welsh-speaking Gower village, but were social and singing acquaintances of Phil Tanner.
Although most can also speak English, our research suggests that many Welsh-speaking pharmacy patients feel more comfortable and can communicate more effectively when using Welsh.
A PUB landlady in Wales has hired a Welsh-speaking waiter from South America - because no one local wanted the job.
It is an issue that concerns many Welsh-speaking communities who feel that their way of life is threatened by large numbers of non-Welsh speaking incomers.
A Welsh-speaking chef who won a case against his English employers - after alleging he had been sacked because of racial discrimination - was yesterday barred from using his native tongue at their appeal.
It had struggled to find Welsh-speaking examiners for its A-Level music technology and sport and active leisure principle learning qualification.
I was born in a Welsh-speaking village unable to understand a word of English until the London evacuees arrived at the outbreak of World War II and within months we spoke English and they Welsh