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Many such people will be at this year's St David's Day concert and I hope they wallow in their Welshness.
To remedy this we've come up with a way everyone can be proud to share their inner Welshness, even if this just amounts to one wet weekend in Barry when a seagull swiped their sandwich.
Well, sorry girls," I said, glumly revealing my mon- Whichever way you look at it Welshness is a state of being, not biology.
So get involved and have fun with Age Cymru, your friends and family by celebrating Wales and Welshness during Big Welsh Month this March.
Sion Jobbins, inset, has written a book looking at Welshness, including Cardiff, main, and its role in the Welsh language
It may come as a surprise to some that the capital has fared so badly, but Cardiff is definitely the Vinnie Jones of the Welshness rankings.
I was impressed with the other speakers and the whole occasion added to my Welshness.
They are nothing to do with Britishness, Welshness or any other national traits.
be edited published at the discretion again the unacceptable face of Welshness was displayed by a small minority of those present.
So last week this column set about contacting every Labour constituency party in England, asking them if they felt Hain's Welshness should rule him out of the running.
Far from tapping into the traditional Welsh symbols of the landscape, rugby and industry, youngsters are developing a new type of Welshness.
This is surely encouragement to Welsh language campaigners especially Cymdeithas Yr Iaith and much of Wales' non-Welsh speakers who are beginning to realise its Welshness and demise.