Wendell Berge

Berge, Wendell


Born Apr. 24, 1903, in Lincoln, Nebraska; died Sept. 24,1955, in Kensington. American lawyer and economist. Advocate of the principle of capitalist free enterprise and critic of the activity of monopolies.

Berge held a number of government offices. Beginning in 1947 he was the head of a law firm in Washington, D. C. He was the author of the book International Cartels (1944; Russian translation, 1947). Berge noted the negative influence of monopolies on the development of technology, their restriction of free competition in the world market, and their inflationary effect on prices. Berge called for the limitation of their activity by strengthening state control.


Cartels: Challenge to a Free World, 2nd printing. Washington, D.C., 1944.
Economic Freedom for the West. Lincoln, 1946.