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, Ger. Wenden, town, central Latvia, on the Gauja River. It is a rail terminus, an agricultural market town, and a popular summer resort. Founded in 1209, Cesis was the seat of the Livonian Knights and became a member of the Hanseatic League.
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, Latvia.
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Wenden, who is the most eminent researcher in this approach, used semi-structured interviews and self-reports as data collection tools.
Wenden (1995) states, "Comprehensive peace education is a response to the violence that pervades our relationships with one another and with the natural world.
Lincoln firmly rejected the possibility of identifying some fragments of ancient beliefs in the speech "Old Thiess" delivered to the astonished judges of Wenden.
Officers in Mauritius last night confirmed Wenden was still being held while their investigation continues.
And this despite the lack of symmetry between East and West, despite a "dual" European society which is manifested by the formation of a "Europe for the elite citizens" and a "Europe of the workers" (Wihtol de Wenden, 1997: 18); despite a Europe organized around urbanity and civility, limited to individuals who share a common language (democracy, rule of law, aspirations to political consensus, reconciliation, valuing individualism and privacy) on the one hand, and on the other a Europe of "the excluded from the edge" (Wihtol de Wenden, 1997: 19).
Horwitz, 1987; Wenden, 1986, 1998) or as "embedded in experiences continually changing and dynamic" (Hosenfeld, 2003: 38).
For dy me dyncd betre, gif iow sws dyncd , daet we ealh suma bec, da de niedbedearfosta sien eallum monnum to wiotonne, daet we Sa on dst geSiode wenden, de we ealle gecnawan maegen, ond gedon, swae we swide eade magon mid Godes fultume, gif we da stilnesse habbad .
As language reflects the social reality and is also regarded as a medium that contributes to its very constitution (Schaffner and Wenden 1995: xi-xxii), "reform" in Jordan is conceptualised by the realities of the political and social structures of Jordan.
13 - Ivan Lund (fencing, Aus); Michael Wenden (swimming, Aus); Karen Pickering (swimming, Eng); Samaresh Jung (shooting, Ind)
Greg Wenden, Chief Technology Officer at Avox, believes the competition will spur students on to success.