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, Ger. Wenden, town, central Latvia, on the Gauja River. It is a rail terminus, an agricultural market town, and a popular summer resort. Founded in 1209, Cesis was the seat of the Livonian Knights and became a member of the Hanseatic League.
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, Latvia.
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86) Judge Wenden found as a matter of historical fact that those submissions, which represented the claims and concerns of the inhabitants of all of Rupert's Land and the North-West Territories, included demands for the continuation of legislative bilingualism and for justice to be administered by judges capable of understanding French without the help of an interpreter or translator.
The Alberta Provincial Court agreed and, in 2008, Judge Leo Wenden ruled that the Rupert's Land and North-Western Territory Order--an integral part of the Constitution of Canada, as defined by the Constitution Act, 1982--did indeed guarantee the official status of the French language in Alberta.
Den sie sich nit selben getaufften wenden von vom gibt man nun ein heilligen gebott, befelch, das Petrus das inen geben in der zweyten ist, dan es inen [Epistel] (85) im besser were, das anderen cap.
Moreover, Wenden and Rubin (1987:103) have reported a study of 25 adults in a part-time advanced level class at an American university.
The event was moderated by Anita Wenden, convener of the Working Group on Poverty and Climate Change.
He said the bodies were found last night after police received a tip-off and searched the home in Wenden in North Rhine-Westphalia.
There have also been cases in nearby Wenden and Veirsen, involving 426 cattle and 111 sheep.
A1/2 Leur loyautE[umlaut] est sans cesse questionnE[umlaut]e e, note Christophe Bertossi, responsable du programme immigration Ea l'Ifri, auteur du rapport avec la sociologue Catherine Whitol de Wenden.
Vir 'n aantal bladsye brei Postel uit oor hierdie interpretasie, en kom dan, onder andere, tot die insig dat "Oompie Danster danst waarschijnlijk om in contact te treden met //Gauwa en zo het ongeluk af te wenden dat Ertmanstasie heeft getroffen" (228).
CATHERINE WIHTOL DE WENDEN is a political scientist and lawyer based at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris.