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The driver was accompanied by a 42-year-old female, a United States citizen from Weslaco, Texas.
One of the 12 Foundation hospitals, all of which are not-for-profit, is Knapp Medical Center located near Mission in Weslaco, Texas.
Valley Grande Institute for Academic Studies VN Education Program in Weslaco, and
Armando "Mando" Martinez, D-Weslaco, was with family and friends near Weslaco for a New Year's celebration when the bullet struck him.
The Foundation includes 14 of the 44 hospitals within the award-winning Prime Healthcare network; one of the 14 Foundation hospitals is Knapp Medical Center located nearby Mission in Weslaco, Texas.
With so many Weslaco students beginning school without any exposure to English, Superintendent Ruben Alejandro knew he had to do something dramatic to move the needle on achievement.
In the coming months, the bank plans to build a new permanent banking facility in Weslaco and will install a new ATM kiosk in the city of Alamo.
persistente sequia podria significar escasez de agua en 2012, de acuerdo al pronostico realizado por Juan Enciso, ingeniero especialista en aguas de "Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center" en Weslaco, institucion que promueve la educacion comunitaria de los tejanos por casi un siglo.
Shared medical appointments are a health care delivery model that provide an opportunity to manage chronic illness, and improve quality and patient self-efficacy and self-management," said certified diabetes educator Iris Sanchez of the Weslaco (Tex.
We evaluated the efficacy of Bollgard[R] (Cry 1Ac); Bollgard II[R] (Cry1Ac + Cry2Ab); and Widestrike[TM] (Cry1Ac + Cry1F) cotton varieties in Stoneville, MS, and Weslaco, TX.
Agricultural Research Service soil scientist Larry Zibilske, who works at the Integrated Farming and Natural Resources Research Unit in Weslaco, Texas, set out to see how these ground covers limit water penetration and affect carbon and nutrient levels in soils.