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West Irian:

see PapuaPapua
or Irian Jaya
, province (2014 est pop. 3,486,000), 123,180 sq mi (319,036 sq km), Indonesia. Comprising most of the western half of New Guinea and a number of offshore islands, it is Indonesia's largest province; the extreme western peninsulas and offshore
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, Indonesia.

West Irian


the western part of the island of New Guinea; administratively, a province of Indonesia (since 1972, IrianJaya). Area, 412,800 sq km; population, 918,000 (1969). Its administrative center is the city of Jayapura (previously Sukarnapura).

In ancient times and during the Middle Ages various Indonesian states maintained ties with the coastal tribes of West Irian. In the 17th century West Irian entered into the sphere of influence of the Tidore Sultanate. In 1828, Dutch colonizers seized southwestern West Irian, and after 1848 the northern part. In 1905 the sultan of Tidore yielded all rights to the Netherlands, and it became part of the so-called Dutch East Indies.

After the declaration of independence by Indonesia in 1945, the Netherlands, in accordance with the agreement of 1949, formally recognized the sovereignty of Indonesia over all the territory of the former Dutch East Indies, but it maintained control of West Irian and attempted to include it within its administrative structure. Negotiations held from 1950 to 1952 on transferring West Irian to Indonesia were broken off by the Netherlands. Nor did discussion of the problem at sessions of the UN General Assembly (1954-57) have any results. The widespread movement that developed in Indonesia for the liberation of West Irian and support of this movement by world public opinion forced the Dutch government to sign an agreement on Aug. 15, 1962, transferring West Irian to Indonesia. This transfer was implemented in 1963. In accordance with this agreement the question was finally decided by a referendum conducted in West Irian in 1969.


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Iraq called for consistency (why criticize the UN over West Irian and not over the Palestinian issue?
In the end the fate of several hundred thousand coastal West Papuans is unimportant compared with the friendship of a Government representing 115 million people," the journalist Peter Hastings commented in 1968, thereby summarizing the Australian government's approach to West Irian at the time.
Consequently, Sukarno arrived at the decision that only through 'a policy for the liberation of West Irian in a revolutionary manner' would Indonesia be able to wrest it from Dutch hands.
Willem Zonggonao, previously one of the Dutch-educated members of the Indonesian West Irian Assembly, and Clemens Runawery, were carrying testimonies from many West Papuan leaders calling for independence and for the United Nations to abandon its so-called Act of Free Choice just weeks before the `vote'.
Feasibility study on the US$ 200 million project to be built in the regency of Biak Numfor in West Irian Jaya, has been completed, ALCN Managing Director Kresno Putro said.
The plan to divide Papua into five provinces came up less than three months after the Constitutional Court annulled a controversial 1999 law dividing Papua into three provinces -- Papua, West Irian Jaya and Central Irian Jaya.
This was accompanied, despite strong Australian assertions to the contrary, by an accusation of an Australian indifference to, at best, and active encouragement of, at worst, further Indonesian dissolution with independence for West Irian, Aceh and possibly other parts of the Republic as well.
Robert Kennedy had gone as far as to broker deals with the Indonesians over West Irian.
Before coming to PNG we'd been dimly aware of the coup in Jakarta, and, since arriving in Lae, of tension in West Irian, a region at the geographical extremity of a Javanese empire that stepped over the default lines drawn by the Dutch.
While the period 1945-49 is the main focus, works on the preceding Japanese occupation (1942-45) and the later West Irian and South Moluccan issues are also included.
An Indonesian court on Thursday annulled a controversial law dividing troubled Papua in the country's remote east into three provinces -- Papua, West Irian Jaya and Central Irian Jaya.
A team of the US Marine Fisheries Inspector has made investigation of the operation of PT West Irian Fisheries in Sorong Irian Jaya and apparently the team, found that the company did not use TED in its trawlers.

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