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West Lothian,

council area (1993 est. pop. 146,730), 164 sq mi (425 sq km), and former county, S central Scotland. Under the Local Government Act of 1973, West Lothian was divided between the Lothian and Central regions. In the local government reorganization of 1996, the Lothian and Central regions were dissolved and the council area of West Lothian was created in part from that portion of the county of West Lothian that had been assigned to the Lothian region. The county of West Lothian was formerly called Linlithgow or Linlithgowshire.

West Lothian

a council area and historical county of central Scotland, on the Firth of Forth: became part of Lothian region in 1975: reinstated as an independent authority (with revised boundaries) in 1996: agriculture, oil-refining. Administrative centre: Livingston. Pop.: 161 020 (2003 est.). Area: 425 sq. km (164 sq. miles)
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Address : Corporate Procurement Unit, West Lothian Civic Centre, Howden South Road,
But the West Lothian Question has taken on a new urgency since David Cameron decided to rush through proposals to ensure English MPs get the final say on laws which affect only England.
It is a McGinty said: "bitter blow for West Lothian workers and the local economy.
The unit is run in partnership by NHS Lothian and West Lothian Council.
She was laid to rest yesterday after a funeral service at the Kirk of Calder in Mid Calder, West Lothian.
West Lothian lies in the Central Scotland rift valley formed between the Highland Boundary and Southern Upland faults.
A spokesman for West Lothian Council failed to give any confirmation about Boyle's purchase of her home.
New alcohol consumption statistics from the Information Services Division of NHS Scotland indicate that 73% of 13-year-olds and 90% of 15-year-olds questioned in West Lothian had consumed alcohol, with 24% of the former and 40% of the latter having drunk it in the past week.
SNH spokesman Ian Bray said: "The orchids there are one of the best orchid populations in West Lothian and have been identified in the West Lothian Biodiversity Action Plan"
On Friday, Rory's mother, Michelle Blackhall, herself a primary teacher at a different West Lothian school, issued a plea to her "fantastic" and "affectionate" son to get in touch.
FOLLOWING the vote in Parliament on foundation hospitals, which relate solely to England, or the banning of fox hunting, which relates solely to England and Wales, the time for answering the West Lothian question is now critical.
Contract Award Notice: West Lothian Council have commissioned an organisation to deliver public art and associated community based events at locations within Almondvale, West Lothian.

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