West Spitsbergen

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West Spitsbergen,

island: see SpitsbergenSpitsbergen
, formerly Vestspitsbergen,
largest island (15,075 sq mi/39,044 sq km) of Svalbard, a Norwegian possession in the Arctic Ocean. It rises to Newtontoppen Mt. (c.5,650 ft/1,720 m), the highest point.
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, Norway.
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Interannual changes in zooplankton on the West Spitsbergen Shelf in relation to hydrography and their consequences for the diet of planktivorous seabirds.
Warming of Atlantic Water in two west Spitsbergen fjords over the last century (1912-2009).
Coeval temperature fall was also recognized in the uppermost part of the Gipshuken Formation of West Spitsbergen and approximately contemporaneous deposits of the Sverdrup Basin of the Canadian Arctic (Beauchamp at al.
Scientists at the National Oceanography Centre Southampton, working with an international team, have found that more than 250 plumes of bubbles of methane gas are rising from the seabed of the West Spitsbergen continental margin in the Arctic, in a depth range of 150 to 400 metres.

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