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Western Empire:

see Roman Empire under RomeRome,
Ital. Roma, city (1991 pop. 2,775,250), capital of Italy and see of the pope, whose residence, Vatican City, is a sovereign state within the city of Rome. Rome is also the capital of Latium, a region of central Italy, and of Rome prov.
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 and see CharlemagneCharlemagne
(Charles the Great or Charles I) [O.Fr.,=Charles the great], 742?–814, emperor of the West (800–814), Carolingian king of the Franks (768–814).
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The pontificate of Leo the Great (440-461) covered the end of the Western Roman Empire.
After Hadrianople, predatory barbarian tribes were quick to pounce on the enfeebled Roman world, and by the late fifth century, the last remnant of the Western Roman Empire was conquered by the Goths and other tribes.
Part 1, `The ending of an Empire', is a straightforward narrative of the political, military and economic disintegration of the Western Roman Empire.
Ingeniously but approachably, Dr SWIFT collates and summarizes various forms of evidence to trace the fall of the Western Roman Empire.
The third and final section presents us with what is known about 69 Roman centuriations from all parts of the western Roman empire.

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