Westman Islands

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Westman Islands:

see VestmannaeyjarVestmannaeyjar
, group of 15 small islands, c.10 mi (16 km) S of Iceland. In English they are known as the Westman Islands. The largest and most populous is Heimaey [home island].
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, Iceland.
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In the Hrifunes guesthouse near the town of Vik, where I stayed overnight on the way from the Westman Islands, the shower-room floor was made of compressed tuff--small volcanic rocks, pleasantly massaging one's foot soles.
Winnie, the only foreigner to win the Icelandic player of the year award two years ago, said: "With the game now being played in Reykjavik that should give Hearts an advantage as the Westman Islands is a very difficult place to play.
Police in Eskifjordur, the east Iceland town that vied unsuccessfully with the Westman Islands to host Keiko, questioned a man about the earlier threats on Tuesday.
Some of the stories are first-person narratives that sound close to reality: for instance, the account of an invitation a scholar who has given a talk about the Norwegian writer Knut Hamsun in the "Norse House" in Reykjavik receives to deliver the same lecture in the Westman Islands off the southwestern coast of Iceland.
We know that Keiko is able to keep up with the wild whales during this season when they are remaining close to the Westman Islands," said Rose.
Hekla volcano to the north, mountains and glaciers towards the east and the Westman Islands to the south.
15 ICELAND is home to the youngest place on earth - Surtsey in the Westman Islands.
Air Iceland is to cease flying to the Westman Islands and Hofn, east Iceland.
Pending US Air Force approval, Keiko will take off on September 9 from Newport, Oregon, for the Westman Islands in Iceland, where a specially built floating pen is waiting for him.
It turns out that some time ago he had beheld her standing at the edge of a cliff in the Westman islands when he and his uncle, with whom he had been on a fishing trip, had stopped there for repairs.
The Webcast will follow Keiko as the C-17 lands in the Westman Islands and track his progress as he makes the last leg of his journey, the scenic 3-mile route to the harbor in Westman Islands and the placement of Keiko in his sea pen in a sheltered bay.
Hekla volcano to the north, a range of mountains and glaciers to the east and north-east and the Westman Islands to the south.