Westminster Conference

Westminster Conference,

1866–67, held in London to settle the plan for confederation of the Canadian provinces. The resolutions on confederation that had been framed at the Quebec Conference (1864) were the basis for those promulgated at the Westminster Conference and incorporated in the British North America Act (1867), under which the dominion of Canada was created.
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NEW 18 / UK Vision Strategy, Central Hall Westminster Conference Centre, Storey's Gate, London SW1H 9NH.
Mr Carswell learned of Mr Farage's "unresignation" on Twitter moments before appearing at a Westminster conference organised by right wing campaign groups, he revealed last night.
It reported at the Westminster Conference last month that 23% of electrical goods sent to household waste depots are in working order, and could be readily reconditioned for re-use.
Outside the Westminster conference centre, around 200 demonstrators staged a noisy protest, somewearing Blair face masks and waving placards reading, simply, "Bliar".
She was at the Westminster conference when the grieving parents made their plea.
TOWNS and cities bidding to open a giant casino will be "haunted" by the poverty, homelessness and violence they bring, a Westminster conference heard yesterday.
On Wednesday a Westminster conference was told that our funding of civil defence was wholly inadequate.
In fact, O'Byrne convinced a reluctant lender to provide an additional $1 million for a dramatic 60-foot glass wall and adjacent courtyard in the Westminster conference center's ballroom.
Butler had a vision' it's time for us now to introduce it 60 years after we should have," he told a a Westminster conference.

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