Westminster Palace

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Westminster Palace


Houses of Parliament,

in Westminster, London. The present enormous structure, of Neo-Gothic design, was built (1840–60) by Sir Charles BarryBarry, Sir Charles,
1795–1860, English architect. A leader in the revival of the Renaissance style of architecture in England (also called Anglo-Italian), he designed the Travellers Club and the Reform Club in London.
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 to replace an aggregation of ancient buildings almost completely destroyed by fire in 1834. The complex served as a royal abode until the 16th cent., when it was adopted as the assembly place for the House of Commons and the House of Lords. The Great Hall was built by William II at the end of the 11th cent. The superbly constructed hammer-beam roof spanning its width of 68 ft. (20.7 m), part of a subsequent rebuilding of the hall by Richard II, was the finest extant example of medieval open-timber work; it was burned by incendiary bombs in 1941. Westminster Hall was the only portion of the palace to survive intact from the fire of 1834 and now serves as the entrance of the building. In it the House of Lords, sitting as the highest English court of law, met for centuries. Among the numerous events of historic renown enacted there were the deposition of Richard II, the sentencing of Charles I, and the trials of Sir Thomas More and Warren Hastings. Damage inflicted during air raids during World War II has since been completely repaired.
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Westminster Palace, Westminster Abbey and Saint Margaret's Cathedral - London
These were the so-called "Star Chamber" courts, named after a design in the ceiling of the hall at Westminster Palace where they met.
After all there wasn't that much happening at the Westminster Palace of Varieties.
THEY'RE changing the guard at Westminster Palace - from a man into a woman.
Margaret Westminster rented hangings both from Westminster Abbey and from the "King's Place" - the royal privy wardrobe in Westminster Palace.
The Westminster Palace is crumbling - maybe time to move Parliament to BIRMINGHAM for a while.
The historian, the former chief executive of heritage charity the World Monuments Fund Britain, said the bed would have been situated in the Painted Chamber in Westminster Palace, where royal state beds were set until 1512.
Actually, I have a very fine Westminster Palace on the books, slightly worn but still serviceable.
Some say the Queen owns only two properties, while others say she owns Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, St James' Palace, Westminster Palace, the Tower of London, Windsor Castle, Holyrood House, Hampton Court Palace, Balmoral, and Sandringham.
Now I know that Westminster Palace is a more impressive backdrop than Leeds Town Hall or Manchester's Piccadilly station, but was the expense of shipping officials, players and the media to London really money well spent - I have a sneaky feeling that some of the press lads would have happily forgone the day out for a launch venue somewhere just off the M62.
IWENT down to London this week with the Families Fighting for Justice, who took their fight to Westminster Palace.
Norma, who lives in Southeast London with Jonathan's son, who was born after his death and is named after his father, will set off from Westminster Palace at 6am and hopes to make the journey in one day.

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