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town (1990 pop. 10,200), Middlesex co., E Mass., W of Boston; settled c.1642, set off from WatertownWatertown.
1 Town (1990 pop. 20,456), Litchfield co., W Conn.; set off from Waterbury and inc. 1780. Textiles, plastics, chemicals, mattresses, and brass goods are among its manufactures.
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 and inc. 1713. The town is mainly residential. Regis College, the Weston Observatory of Boston College, and many 18th-century buildings are there.
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Weston, in fact, has scored half centuries in five of the last six matches.
Lamb Weston / Meijer responds by introducing Connoisseur Fries;
Jonathan Bushell, prosecuting, said Weston and Tyrone Talbot had been acquaintances at the flat after Weston had lent a hand with the other's car.
Most people who live in Weston love Weston Bay as passionately as I do, and the town council is keen to protect it.
Although many of these compounds have been used for decades, especially on farms, "no one had looked for them in the environment," Weston notes.
It felt really good,'' said Weston, who combined with Doherty to win four pro-sets, which increased in games as the rounds progressed.
Born sometime in 1581 at Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, Elizabeth Jane Weston was taken as a child to Bohemia where her stepfather Edward Kelley worked as alchemist to Rudolf II in Prague (xv).
The congestion gets worse every year," says Remy Chevalier, a longtime Weston resident and an editor of Electrifying Times magazine.
Weston follows this Sydney chapter with one devoted (the word is intentional) to Utzon's idea to build a museum at Silkeborg, in Jutland, for COBRA artist Asger Jorn -- a radical underground cavern like some troglodytic inversion of Le Corbusier's Ronchamp chapel.
Mr Weston, who stepped down as a director from AB Foods in December 2000, had fought against continuing ill health since suffering a stroke in September 1999.
Weston liked Christo's work and began acquiring working drawings of his projects, and the artist's style turned out to be a happy match for the building's innovative, modern design.
And, the WESTON team is incredibly innovative and entrepreneurial--bringing financing to the table where needed, assuming risk, and building bridges of trust with local communities.

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