manifest destiny

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manifest destiny,

belief held by many Americans in the 1840s that the United States was destined to expand across the continent, by force, as used against Native Americans, if necessary. The controversy over slavery further fueled expansionism, as the North and South each wanted the nation to admit new states that supported its section's economic, political, and slave policies. By the end of the 19th cent., this belief was used to support expansion in the Caribbean and the Pacific.
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These wooded corridors have been suggested as the cause for westward movements of woodland species, and changes in land use probably are related to westward movements of C.
If, for example, the library media specialist helps the teachers identify "risk taking" as a concept, then the westward movement can be studied in terms of risk taking.
Cashin supplements these random samples with a selective sample of 113 men in twenty extended families that were divided by the westward movement.
The gaze of contributors to this volume, then, is essentially a bourgeois one, for it follows the westward movement of business and fashionable quarters and rarely turns to the eastern half of the city, more working-class and industrial.
Westward movement also brought an expansion of copper exploitation with developments of significant deposits in Michigan and Arizona during the 1850s and then in Montana during the 1860s.
China's westward movement in industries is ongoing," said an official from Chengdu Hi-tech Zone at the ceremony.
After 1848, when gold was discovered in California, dreams of adventure and wealth made westward movement the all-consuming passion of the nation.
Listeners will understand the principles that guided Indian life, how humiliating their defeat was, and definitely get a fresh view of the westward movement.
For example, the new fifth grade report card shows that students will be scored between 1 and 4 on how well they are able to explain the causes and consequences of the American Revolution and describe the events of the Westward Movement and its political influence, among other specific skills listed under the history/social studies section.
But his master trope of metamorphosis stakes out a middle ground between optimism and pessimism, as the heroic is always defined by cycles of transformation so that decline leads to rise, westward movement back to east.
Grand notes, for example, that there is a region of high seismic velocity at about 1,500 km depth under North America, where scientists think a subduction zone existed 100 million years ago; reflecting the westward movement of this zone is another high-velocity area at a shallower depth and more to the west.
One of the ways the census tracks the continued westward movement of the population is by computing what's known as the center of population after each 10 year census.