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As such, boys believed that masturbation and wet dreams could negatively influence school performance, physical strength and sexual and reproductive power.
The largest gender differences were in their ratings of their comfort teaching wet dreams, sexual problems and concerns, pornography, sexual behaviour, masturbation, and sexual pleasure and orgasm.
It's perfectly normal, indeed healthy, for a boy his age to have wet dreams, or even wakeful ejaculations.
Both mothers and adolescent females were most likely to correctly define menstruation and semen and least likely to correctly define ovulation and wet dreams (Table 2); 88% of the mothers and 66.
One woman who has been trying to adopt for years told me this week she and her husband had been asked by Social Services to write an essay on the wet dreams and sexual fantasies they had as 15-year-olds.
Her examples of how to talk about these parts to this age group include a simple explanation about periods and wet dreams.
BOLD Vices -- This month it's Whiskey, Women, and Song -- BOLD checks out Amazon Goddesses -- BOLD -- Reinventing the Roulette Wheel -- BOLD -- Wet Dreams -- Liquid Sports -- BOLD and your monthly SEXTROLOGY reading go hand in hand.
Yep, it was men against Bhoys in the Theatre of Dreams (or the Theatre of Wet Dreams as I heard one Rangers fan describe it after the third goal went in).
A series of booklets on: Male Masturbation, Female Masturbation, Public Toilets, Menstruation: at the Disco, Menstruation: at Home, Wet Dreams.
The list for Haruki Murakami's The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle would begin like this: a missing cat, an anonymous call, clairvoyants and domesticity, war, a fashion designer named Nutmeg and her son who doesn't speak, wet dreams, labor camps, toupees, Mongolia.
Fianna Fail chiefs must be pinching themselves to check if they have been caught up in one of their spin doctor's wet dreams.
Particularly in a country where tuning into telly channel Canal Plus any time after 9pm is like walking into one of Frank McAvennie's wet dreams.