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Section 6 stresses on the implementation of the five interfaces of the WfMC reference model as web services.
According to the requirements that we have stated in the introduction, this architecture does not conform to the WFMC reference model.
Anticipated activities include: coordination between OGC and WfMC working groups and committees; involvement in interoperability testbeds, pilot initiatives and experiments; and outreach.
The WfMC is excited for this partnership between the two respective industry leaders," explained Nathaniel Palmer, Executive Director of the Workflow Management Coalition.
Together, the Transformation and Innovation Conference and the WfMC bring together the top industry experts to provide a unique environment for attendees to hear from the industry's thought leaders and learn about the latest breakthroughs," said Phil Larson, Director of Product Management, Appian.
WfMC creates and contributes to process related standards and educates on the benefits of process automation.
Highlights include a keynote from WfMC Chairman Jon Pyke, presentations from WfMC members on Business Process Simulation, the Service-Oriented Enterprise, Leveraging BPM for Risk Management, as well as a full-day tutorial on the leverage of BPM standards including XPDL, BPMN, BPEL and Wf-XML.
in collaboration with WfMC, and will be launched on May 22nd at Transformation and Innovation 2007 in Washington, D.
The WfMC is a non-profit, international organization that consists of more than 300 members from workflow vendors, users, analysts and university/research groups, and this speaking engagement further illustrates Appian's continued commitment and leadership to the standards community through its active participation with the WfMC, OMG and OASIS organizations.
Other stations include WQDR, WBBB, WWMY, WYMY, WDOX, WDNC, WCLY, WKIX, WKXU, WYRN, WGBR, and WFMC, all in The Raleigh-Durham market.
During judging, WfMC and WARIA pay particular attention to implementations that show BPM and workflow extending beyond the corporate boundaries to support customers, suppliers, trading partners and more.
In addition, Ultimus' customer Grupo Financiero Uno was a Gold Winner of the 2005 Global Excellence Awards for innovation and excellence in BPM and workflow implementations from WfMC and Workflow and Reengineering International Association (WARIA).