White Bill

White (William DeKova) Bill

(1934–  ) baseball player, sportscaster, baseball executive; born in Lakewood, Fla. He attended college on an academic (not athletic) scholarship. After a 13-year career as a first baseman (1956–69), mostly for the St. Louis Cardinals, he was a television sportscaster (1971–88) and then baseball's first African-American league president—of the National League—(1988–93).
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Its glossy green head, red and white bill and stripy body makes it one of the world's most beautiful birds so get out into the fresh air and see if you can spot this stunning duck.
The 20 cm -long bird, which has a distinctive white bill and jet black plumage,may have decided to quit South Stack after its close shave with a sparrow hawk at the weekend.
The bird, with a distinctive white bill and black plumage, was first spotted early Sunday morning flying about burned heath land at South Stack.
The arrival of the bird, with its distinctive white bill and jet black plumage,has sparked excitement at the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds reserve on Anglesey's north coast.
Then, since it's illegal to get colour photocopies of real money, he turned his black and white bills into greenbacks with a green pencil.