White Oak

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White Oak,

uninc. community (1990 pop. 18,671), Montgomery and Prince Georges counties, central Md., in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. The site of the former Naval Ordnance Laboratory was renamed the Federal Research Center and is now occupied by the Food and Drug Administration.

white oak

A hard, heavy, durable wood, gray to reddish-brown in color; used for flooring, paneling, and trim. See also: Masonite

white oak

A hard, heavy, durable wood, gray to reddish brown in color; esp. used for flooring, paneling, and trim.

white oak

indicates self-sufficiency. [Flower Symbolism: Flora Symbolica, 178]
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White oak is, on average, a finer texture, with tighter growth rings and a more refined appearance, but there are plenty of red oaks out there with tight growth rings that look similar.
Founded in 2007, White Oak provides middle market borrowers with financing for growth, acquisition, recapitalization and working capital.
If you hunt where both white oak and red oak trees grow, your best bet will be to focus your scouting and hunting time near white oaks if they produced acorns that year.
A fan of the quartersawn white oak, Korsten added, "Its unique grain and styling features fit well throughout the home.
One review posted on TripAdvisor called White Oak a “first class place in the mountains,” while another raved about the “very beautiful cabin.
According to Osmon's research, white oak trees at Crane were first approved to be set aside in November 1973, following work on Constitution with lumber purchased from the private sector, which proved to be very expensive, as white oak of that size is very valuable.
In contrast to the natural finish cladding, pre-finished engineered white oak boards were suitable for the interior floor, steps and joinery in the extended dining area as it is a hard and heavy wood with a medium bending quality and visually appealing.
The bio-oil was produced from the separate fast pyrolysis of loblolly pine and white oak feedstocks.
The company uses select grades of lumber, including mahogany, cherry, quartersawn red and white oak, ash, maple and walnut to build its furniture.
2m lengths of white oak handrail, four chrome wall brackets in a striking Art-Deco-style octagonal design (other designs are available), and two matching end caps for the rails.
The history of White Oak Pastures mirrors, up to a point, the history of agriculture in the last century and a half.
An administrative law judge ruled in favor of the NLRB, saying that White Oak violated the NLRA by terminating Wright-Gore.