White Russia

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White Russia:

see BelarusBelarus
or Byelarus
, formerly Belorussia,
officially Republic of Belarus, republic (2005 pop. 9,799,000), c.80,150 sq mi (207,600 sq km), E central Europe. It is sometimes called White Russia.
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Why do you think a country tike Luxembourg has such a high minimum wage, white Russia and China have such a tow minimum wage?
Were not the German armies, as they advanced through White Russia and the Ukraine, welcomed at first as liberators, with flowers and crucifixes?
In a fascinating local coincidence, the word "Lubavitch" -- the name of the town in White Russia where the movement was based for more than a century -- means "city of brotherly love.
The Red Army band, who are based deep in the heart of what is known as White Russia, include some of the most highly-regarded musicians from the country.