white spots

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water spotting, white spots

White marks which are left on a paint film when droplets of water evaporate, or as a result of sealing in moisture.
References in classic literature ?
Mrs d'Urberville slept in a large four-post bedstead hung with heavy damask curtains, and the bullfinches occupied the same apartment, where they flitted about freely at certain hours, and made little white spots on the furniture and upholstery.
This wooden framework was covered by a red shirt--with white spots in it--blue trousers, a yellow vest, a jacket of green-and-gold and stout leather shoes.
Giles, with the white nightcap on, had been sitting on the steps of the chaise, supporting an elbow on each knee, and wiping his eyes with a blue cotton pocket-handkerchief dotted with white spots.
She wore a blue foulard with large white spots, and Philip was tickled at the sensation it caused.
Sulivan remarks, that the difference i the prevailing colours was so obvious, that in looking fo the herds near Port Pleasant, they appeared from a lon distance like black spots, whilst south of Choiseul Soun they appeared like white spots on the hill-sides.
and I only see two white spots on the whole range of moors: the sky is blue, and the larks are singing, and the becks and brooks are all brim full.
The skirt of the false Miss Garth's gown -- the brown alpaca dress, with the white spots on it -- touched the floor, within the housekeeper's reach.
It seems that patients with CLP may be at greater risk for progression of initial/ white spot lesions to cavitated caries.
1% Sodium Fluoride Anti-Cavity Toothpaste, an advanced formula that contains an innovative tri-calcium phosphate ingredient and delivers more fluoride, helps strengthen enamel and helps reverse white spot lesions better than a conventional 5000 ppm prescription fluoride toothpaste and a 900 ppm fluoride topical creme containing calcium phoshate.
The cream-coloured female Labrador has a white tip on her tail and a white spot on her head.
Since its first appearance in shrimp culture facilities in Taiwan in the early 1990s, white spot syndrome virus (WSSV) has spread around the globe.