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Attorney for the Western District of Michigan for four years where he was involved in white-collar criminal matters involving fraud, embezzlement, grand jury investigations, money laundering and counterfeiting.
The author covers the convenience theory of white-collar crime; the economical, behavioral and organizational dimensions of convenience theory; an integrated approach to convenience theory, an empirical study of white-collar criminal studies, statements for testing convenience hypotheses, and many other related subjects.
I am excited to join Greenberg Traurig because it provides me with a strong platform to develop my own white-collar criminal defense practice, Dwyer said.
Wilkinson focuses her practice on general litigation and has amassed a broad range of experience, with a particular emphasis in white-collar criminal defense, internal investigations, product liability and complex civil litigation.
The data seem to support much--but not all--of the stereotypical image of the white-collar criminal.
SageGroupAssociates, a division of Sage Realty Corporation, announced the signing of a 10-year lease at its 747 Third Avenue building by two of New York's top commercial, white-collar criminal law firms, Krantz & Berman LLP and the Law Offices of Gordon Mehler PLLC.
attorney, Bornstein served as a trial lawyer specializing in white-collar criminal cases.
One significant issue common to all in the practice of white-collar criminal litigation is attorney-client privilege.
According to the NAIC, the initiative comes partly at the behest of the FBI, which has indicated to state insurance regulators on "many occasions" that one central entity for white-collar criminal background checks would be preferable to multiple entities.
About Bruce and Me, Siedler said, "It's a personal story about my unusual relationship with Bruce, my charming, eccentric, white-collar criminal father.
Deputy District Attorney Max Huntsman said Cluff, a Covina resident, received a typical sentence for a white-collar criminal with no prior criminal record.
In saying that there are many white-collar criminals who have lived in Mission Hills, however, I obviously did not mean to imply that everyone living in Mission Hills is a white-collar criminal or that it is an ugly or unsafe place.