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see marsh antelopemarsh antelope,
name for members of a group of deerlike African antelopes, usually found in reeds or tall grasses near water. The males of this group have horns that curve back, up, and forward; females are hornless. Most marsh antelopes travel in small herds.
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However, scientists know little about the white-eared kob and tiang, whose magnificent migrations were legendary before the civil war.
During this first phase of the collaring operation, 9 Elephant, 12 Tiang, and 12 White-eared kob were successfully collared.
Officials who surveyed animal numbers in 2007 and 2008 had expected antelope numbers to be devastated after years of war and illegal hunting by hard-pressed communities and poachers, but were surprised by their estimates of over 753,000 white-eared kob, over 278,600 Mongalla gazelle and 155,460 tiang antelope, among others.