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members of small illegal, largely Roman Catholic, peasant bands in 18th-century Ireland. First organized (c.1759) in protest against the large-scale enclosure of common lands and other causes of agrarian distress, they were so called because on their nocturnal raids they often wore white disguises. They were heavily suppressed (1765), but outbreaks of similar activity recurred during periods of extreme agricultural hardship. Hostility (1775–85) was largely aimed at tithe collectors. There were similar, although shortlived, Protestant groups in Ulster, the Oakboys (1763) and the Steelboys (1770). Terrorist activity hastened the establishment of the Irish Parliament (1782), in which Henry GrattanGrattan, Henry
, 1746–1820, Irish statesman. A lawyer, he entered (1775) the Irish Parliament and soon became known as a brilliant orator. Aided by Britain's preoccupation with the American Revolution and its fear of the revolutionary potential of the Irish volunteer army
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 attempted to reform the system of tithes. Although the Whiteboys were suppressed, they set a pattern for agrarian unrest that continued under various names and later became politicized.
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In Matt de la Penas Mexican Whiteboy, Danny Lopez feels like an outsider at his preppie private school where he is considered Mexican.
Citing views on tragedy that Burke conceived for The Reformer (1748) and developed in the Enquiry (2757), Gibbons explains the aesthetic-political nexus in Burke's reaction to the lurid theatrical spectacle of the Irish executions consequent on the Whiteboy movement, a display which he considered excessive.
He was impatient to be started and well before leaving Ireland had adapted his Sleeping whiteboy into a historically incorrect sketch of Peep-o'-day boy's cabin.
But if you choose black, you got to act black, meaning draw your manhood up-quick like, and don't bring me no whiteboy sass" (173).
In the next moments of exploding emotions and scrambling tactical maneuvers, I would face the beast at five yards, horn to horn, face to face, spirit to spirit, and I would turn into a lost, trembling, pathetic puddle of worthless whiteboy.
The name may have been cleverly derived from that '70s whiteboy cool movie classic Easy Rider, but it was Morgan Freeman's avant-garde black cool that made the Easy Reader ultrahip, so funny and on point--somewhat anticipating the style of the rap group Outkast of "So Fresh and So Clean" fame.
He was from Texas whiteboy stock and an uneducated draftee; call him a grunt--he wouldn't have minded.
His trademark whiteboy soul grooves have been given a rockier edge without losing the power of a strong melody.
Cornwall Lewis observed in 1836 that the Whiteboys had `very retentive memories' with `no statute of limitation against Whiteboy vengeance; no prescription seems to give a title where the party has taken land in contravention of the Whiteboy rules'.
When Jade first meets her love-interest, the nerdy whiteboy Mark, she avoids talking to him (and slyly prepares to humiliate him and gain the upper hand) by impersonating a sweet Asian girl with poor English-language skills.
Even the passing of the Whiteboy Act of 1765, which strengthened the hand of the magistrates, had little effect, but bad harvests and food shortages in the end quieted the disturbances.