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Ideal for multimedia applications on wireless networks, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n devices can deliver five times or more throughput and more robust connections at up to twice the range of legacy 802.
The Wi-Fi Alliance, comprised of more than 170 members that supply more than 450 Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products, worked with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.
11n Wireless Adapter (RT3592) and DTV Sink solutions (MV0690) have all been selected as part of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Miracast (TM) test bed.
Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Voice-Enterprise is designed to support good voice call quality in large enterprise networks that require support for advanced WPA2[TM]-Enterprise security mechanisms.
It is expected that WiGig CERTIFIED and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products will implement USB functionality.
The first products to be designated Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Passpoint, and which form the test suite for the certification program, are:
Becoming Wi-Fi CERTIFIED shows Ozmo's dedication to furthering the use of Wi-Fi technology and commitment to interoperability among Wi-Fi-enabled devices.
11ac Reference STA have been chosen by the Wi-Fi Alliance for inclusion in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED (TM) ac test bed.
announced they have been qualified by the Wi-Fi Alliance to perform testing to the new Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct specification.
Building on the high-performance foundation of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED n, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED ac products deliver whole-home coverage at two or even three times the speed of older Wi-Fi products and handle demanding applications such as Ultra HD and 4K video, multimedia, and rapid file transfer with ease.
Ralink Technology Corporation (TAIEX:3534) (Ralink), a leading developer of high performance wired and wireless networking solutions, today expressed strong support for the introduction of the Wi-Fi Alliance's Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Direct[TM] program.
Comparison against even the most advanced licensed small cells does not change the picture: Wi-Fi CERTIFIED (TM) n and newest-generation Wi-Fi CERTIFIED (TM) ac, entering the market this year, outperform LTE and LTE-A on per-bit TCO