hotspot finder

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hotspot finder

(1) A website that lists the locations of hotspots. See hotspot.

(2) An app in a mobile device or handheld unit that detects the presence of an 802.11 network. Also called a "Wi-Fi detector" or "Wi-Fi signal finder," it reports which hotspots are in the vicinity by network name (SSID) and security type. See hotspot.

A Smartphone Hotspot Finder
Apple coined the phrase "there's an app for that," and there are plenty of smartphone Wi-Fi finder apps like the iPhone app above and all other platforms.

The Handheld Hotspotter
Canary Wireless's Digital Hotspotter identifies more information about hotspots than most apps do: SSID (hotspot name), signal strength, encryption status (Open or Secure) and channel number. This is the SSID of the first found network.
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As of February 18, 2013, the Wi-Fi Alliance Wi-Fi Finder registry contained 816,810 Wi-Fi hotspots in 145 countries, topped by South Korea, the U.
With the Wi-Fi Finder app, users can see details about nearby wireless networks, including the strength of the signal and whether or not the connection is free.
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Another helpful tool is JiWire's free Wi-Fi Finder app (for Apple and Android), which identifies 500,000-plus free and paid public hot spots in 145 countries.
MobileGates has pioneered the first carrier-grade suite of interoperable location based applications that provide maps, directions and live services such as Wi-fi Finder and fuel finder (fuel pricing).
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