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This company was established in 1993 under the name WILan.
Lendl won his eight Grand Slams between 1984 and 1990 after losing his first four finals in an era featuring Stefan Edberg, Mats Wilan and Boris Becker.
WiLAN, MOSAID, Intellectual Ventures, and InterDigital, among others, have muddied the waters by filing rafts of complaints for patent infringement on the most basic components of smartphone technologies, from those that enable GPS to those that allow phones to use Bluetooth.
Zhirkov took up the charge, flicking forward at the right moment, but Anelka's attempt to prod home first-time was denied by keeper Johan Wilan.
22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Attorneys from McKool Smith successfully represented Ottawa, Canada-based WiLAN Inc.
Powell's fellow Jamaicans, Sanjay Ayre and Wilan Lewis, will also provide strong overseas competition in the talent-laden field.
5) For a sample of companies engaged in product development and their products, see Ken Howard Wilan, Christopher Thomas Scott & Stephan Herrera, "Chasing a Cellular Fountain of Youth" (2005) 23 Nature Biotechnology 807, tables 1 and 3.
JOCKEY Elliott Cooper has revealed he is "looking forward to the day when I may be able to race-ride again" having come through a recovery ordeal from horrific injuries he sustained in a fall at the Cheltenham Festival of 2004, writes Julia Wilan.
You also found an incredibly detailed systematic review that outlines evidence (randomized controlled trials) of interventions to reduce unintended teen pregnancies (DiCenso, Guyatt, Wilan, & Griffith, 2002).
For more information on Fujitsu's WiMAX partners please follow the links to additional press releases in collaboration with Aperto, WiLAN, ZTE and SiGe.
Jonathan Wilan, an associate with the firm, contributed to the development of this article.
Companies such as Intel, Alvarion, Aperto, Atheros, Proxim, WiLAN (and 70 more) have signed up for membership in the WiMAX forum.