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(Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) A wireless 4G wide area network (WAN) technology that conforms to certain parts of the IEEE 802.16 standard (for more details, see 802.16).

Governed by the WiMAX Forum (www.wimaxforum.org), WiMAX allows ISPs and carriers to offer last mile connectivity to homes and businesses over the air without the expense of routing wires. In addition, Mobile WiMAX (WiMAX 2) supports users on the go. Whereas Wi-Fi hotspot coverage is measured in feet, WiMAX cells are measured in miles similar to cellular systems. WiMAX competes with the 4G LTE service (see LTE, 4G and IMT-Advanced).

Femto Access Points Inside a Building
A "WiMAX femto access point" (WFAP) is a small, indoor base station with a limited range. It connects to the organization's network and passes data to the WiMAX carrier's network via the Internet (see femtocell).

Google, Clearwire and WiMAX
In 2008, Sprint and Clearwire merged to develop Internet access to mobile devices using WiMAX, rather than the traditional CDMA and GSM cellular technologies. Google also invested in the venture. As Sprint transitioned to LTE, in November 2015, WiMAX was shut down. However, a court ordered Sprint to keep WiMAX running an additional 90 days for two large customers covering some 75 cities across the U.S. See Clearwire.
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As a leading operator to deliver Malaysia's fastest 4G mobile broadband network and the world's first converged voice and data (Voice over WiMAX) services, YTL strongly supports further advancements in the WiMAX standards," said Ali Tabassi, COO of YTL Communications and Member of the WiMAX Forum Board of Directors.
By the end of 2008, the WiMAX Forum certified a total of 82 products.
Equipment that passes conformance and interoperability testing will receive the WiMAX Forum Certified designation, thus, assuring service providers that when buying equipment from more than one company the products are interoperable.
SEQUANS Communications is a leading supplier of fixed and mobile WiMAX silicon and software based on 802.
4Motion offers extensive capabilities for Mobile WiMAX networks and devices, and is designed to support next generation WiMAX solutions," said Rudy Leser, Alvarion's corporate vice president of strategy and marketing.
The 2007 edition of the WiMax Patent Directory finds a dramatic growth surge in WiMax patent activity.
Once again we are taking a leading role in helping to bring broadband to Catalonia, a region already benefiting from WiMAX services provided by our BreezeMAX system," said Tzvika Friedman president and CEO of Alvarion.
OPEN WiMAX(TM) combines our market-leading BreezeMAX system with complementary network systems from best of breed partners to serve as the future global standard for delivering Personal Broadband services over WiMAX.
SOMA Networks is rapidly progressing towards delivery of one of the first commercially-ready Mobile WiMAX offerings, to support our vision of enabling our customers to connect the next billion people.
Redline's RedMAX family of WiMAX solutions includes the world's first complete system to receive the WiMAX Forum Certified[TM] mark for conformance to the WiMAX standards for performance and interoperability.
The PlugFest will provide an open platform to vendors on which compatibility and interoperability tests of chips, systems, and end user devices for mobile WiMAX services will be carried out in preparation for certification.
The WiMAX Forum PlugFest provides mobile WiMAX equipment suppliers an open environment in which to test compatibility and interoperability of equipment in preparation for certification.