Wide-Band Antenna

Antenna, Wide-Band


an antenna characterized by the fact that its performance factors (radiation pattern, input impedance, and other properties) can change, within allowable limits, over a wide frequency range without reconstruction. The Nadenenko dipole, or doublet, antenna, the rhombic antenna, and others are used as wide-band antennas in the meter and decameter wave bands. The horn and the spiral antennas are used as wide-band antennas in the centimeter and decimeter bands.

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This offers an exceptional time-to-market advantage; in most cases, customers can remove an existing single-band antenna and replace it with Powerwave's 700/800 MHz wide-band antenna without any change in the appearance of the site, conforming to current lease agreements and zoning restrictions.
Offering high efficiency, low interference, and superior gain per length, Powerwave's new family of 700/800 MHz wide-band antennas enables Auction 73 winners to quickly and cost-effectively deploy new services leveraging 700 MHz spectrum at existing 800 MHz cell sites without increasing the number of visible antennas.
a leading developer of advanced wireless antenna solutions, has announced a new wide-band antenna capable of handling satellite and terrestrial communications -- reducing the need for multiple antennas for next-generation mobile wireless applications.
Through the use of wide-band antennas and power amplifiers (PA), the power, weight and the amount of real estate consumed by antennas and electronics can be significantly reduced.
Most of the trade involved military aircraft and included the first shipments of wide-band antennas compatible with the US Army's radio systems.
710A Warrior wide-band antennas cover all working frequencies in the 700-6000 MHz spectrum, including 2G/3G/4G cellular, Wi-Fi, ISM, GPS and AGPS.
It delivers efficiency of over 70% in a design that is significantly smaller than current market wide-band antennas.
The Host Unit can also feed up to four Remote Units, with each Remote Unit supporting up to four wide-band antennas.
We wish to emphasize that Datron is not yet in receipt of production contracts for airborne wide-band antennas for the airlines, and it is entirely possible we may never receive such contracts.

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