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, widgeon
1. a Eurasian duck, Anas penelope, of marshes, swamps, etc., the male of which has a reddish-brown head and chest and grey and white back and wings
2. American wigeon a similar bird, Anas americana, of North America, the male of which has a white crown



(Anas penelope), a bird of the family Anatidae. The widgeon is about 55 cm long and usually weighs from 650 to 800 g, sometimes as much as 1 kg. It is widely distributed in Europe and Asia, primarily in the forest zone, more rarely in the tundra zone; it also nests along the steppe lakes of Kazakhstan, in the Crimea, and in Transcaucasia. It feeds mainly on the green parts of plants and on rhizomes. The widgeon is considered a game bird.

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I purchased a bird call which replicated duck, teal or widgeon, Yet thankfully it did not reproduce collared dove or wood pigeon.
The Prince had a black Labrador called Widgeon when he was a youngster.
When bird flocks arrived 'carrying on their wings//shards of an ice-pure world', his father shoots a beautiful widgeon with the result that the birds keep their distance.
We flew into Deadman Bay on a gorgeous 50-year-old Widgeon and taxied up to the cabin.
Correlation analysis between macroalgae areal percent cover, eelgrass (Zosteramarina) and widgeon grass (Ruppia maritima), during three time periods over 2004-2010.
We've seen them take dead rabbits, sheep and swans but they are also hunting ducks over the loch, taking mallards, teal and the odd widgeon as well.
Bird', for example, is the word that encompasses all the things we think of as birds, everything from widgeon to albatross.
Coast Guard Grumman J4F2 Widgeon amphibian, supposedly only the second sinking of a submarine by a flying boat in World War II, turns out not to have happened: the location of U-166's wreck when it was discovered in May 2001 indicated that it had been sunk two days previously by a patrol boat: www.
org desert straw streetwards (OED) dingnation innodating (W2) don't-care-ish achondrites easing powder spear widgeon (W2) Easter fire fire-eaters eddication dedication engine tamer engerminate (W2) English rail hell-raising (W3), narghillies (OED), raising hell (OED) false heart heartleafs farmer's oil Miraflores (an upscale district of Lima, Peru; en.
Other vulnerable birds include the endangered red knots and piping plovers that winter in coastal Florida, as well as the green-winged teal, the American widgeon and other dabbling ducks, loons, white-fronted geese, sandpipers, turnstones, and dowitchers.
Widgeon, Groundwork, Fields and Far Wood are not the titles that would be claimed by an unromantic city dweller.